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Help to Get It Together...

Starting a business can be overwhelming - there's lots of moving parts.  Partnering with LJ Consulting, LLC ensures that you can take it slow, or jump to hyper-speed, it's totally up to you.  We have the experience to guide you through the entire corporate formation process in all 50 States!  Our nationwide service provision means no hassle and we make lots of great friends along the way!  We can help you bring it all together and build a business you can be proud of for years to come!


the rules of business

corporate compliance education

What good is being in business if you are not secure in operating?  We help make your business more efficient and accountable, which usually leads to PROFITS!!!

Our Corporate Compliance Education Program gives you the knowledge you need to do what it takes to maintain your business and keep it protecting YOU!  Do you know what to document when it comes to your business activities?  Do you know how to document your business activities correctly?  If you are not in corporate compliance, your ASSets could end up in deep trouble!

Let LJ Consulting, LLC help you get it together TODAY... 

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writing services

Professional Business Writing and editing

Every successful effort starts with a plan. 

We make sure you don't forget the details.

LJ Consulting, LLC has recently launched its Professional Writing Services initiative.  From business plans to program descriptions, grant applications to professional award profiles, you name it, we can help you complete the task.  Our affordable rates make it easy to just say "Hey, call LJC and ask them to get it together for us!"  


Writing Services

Academic/ Proofing and Editing

APA Format and Style Rules giving you the Blues?  Need help finding your scholarly or academic tone?  Our new Professional Writing Division may hold the answers and help that you need.  Our editor(s) have years of experience to assist you in whatever your scholarly pursuit.  Of course you will have to do your part and write, but LJ Consulting's editors can help you with all the rest.  Capstone, Thesis, or Dissertation.  Use us one time for final editing before submission, or schedule regular monthly check-ins as soon as you get your PhD research clearance, and we will hold your hand all the way across the graduation stage.